The Racquetball Ontario Board Of Directors is comprised of a group of volunteers that are passionate about the sport of racquetball and are dedicated to see it grow and flourish. Racquetball Ontario is an organization ran by racquetball players on behalf of racquetball players. That being said the more racquetball players that are involved in the operation of the organization the better it will be, so if you have a desire to help grow the game of racquetball in Ontario please contact John Ursino . 

This is the new operating board of Racquetball Ontario as of March 2018. If I got any of your pictures wrong, feel free to send me one


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  John Ursino

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Daniel Puckett
Vice President

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Lisa Doricki
Tammy Gray
Terry Nelson
Director of Officiating & Ranking
Adrian Webb
Provincial rep to Racquetball Canada
Andrew Dick
Junior Team Head Coach
Kyle Wiseman
Director at Large
Eva Pocsai
Director of Membership
Mary Lou Ursino
Director of Tournaments
Brittany Nelson
Athlete's Representative
Doug Collins
Social Media


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