Volunteer and Paid Opportunities

If you love the game of Racquetball and are ready to give of your time and help move the sport forward, please review the positions below. Feel free to reach out, ask questions and tap into your organizational skills and driving forces.

Volunteer Positions

Club Ambassador Program Coordinator – To ensure there are club ambassadors at clubs with racquetball courts to promote and organize events/tournaments and programming at all clubs across Ontario.  To act as a liaison to Racquetball Ontario and the clubs and provide support to the ambassadors.

Club Ambassador -.  Ensure tournaments/events, leagues and learn to play programs are being offered at your club. The liaison between Racquetball Ontario and the local racquetball club.

Compliance Officer – To ensure Racquetball Ontario is in compliance with all Federal/Provincial rules, regulations and guidelines.

Inclusivity Equity Officer –  to work across the organization to optimize organizational culture. align the organizations diversity and inclusion goals. Identify new programs or initiatives that can bolster diversity with in the organization and its programs.  Align Racquetball Ontario with diverse organizations to develop an all inclusive participation in racquetball club programming across the Province of Ontario.

Membership Coordinator – To promote and increase memberships in Racquetball Ontario/Racquetball Canada. By contacting clubs, companies, schools, institutions and organizations near existing racquetball courts.

Program Manager – Organize, create, find funding and ensure the delivery of racquetball programs across Ontario.

Racquetball Ontario rep to Racquetball Canada – Attend meetings with Racquetball Canada and report to the board or Secretary on news and regulations/guidelines from Racquetball Canada and inform Racquetball Canada of Racquetball Ontario’s progress reports throughout the year.

Social Media Specialist – push information and visualization of racquetball across all social media levels.  Twitter, facebook, Instagram, snapchat etc.

Sponsorship Coordinator – Find Sponsors for Inflatable court program, Tournaments and events (support for athletes going to worlds, Selection events and National tournaments) and Summer camps and clinics. 

Tournament/event Coordinator – To assist clubs and or Racquetball Ontario members in organizing and running tournaments/events at racquetball facilities across Ontario.  Organize and facilitate the annual Provincial tournament.

Website Maintenance – Ensure website up to date, adding posts, announcements and events.  Editing and adjusting website as needed. 

Board Positions

President – Will be the chief executive officer of the Corporation and shall preside at all meetings of the Board and Members; ensure that all Officers perform their respective duties; and act as the official representative of the Corporation in all relevant matters.
Implement the vision of the board, to coordinate the executive and directors, ensure the board adheres to the bylaws.

Vice President – will, in the absence or disability of the President, perform the duties and exercise the powers of the President, and will perform such other duties as may from time to time be established by the Board.

Secretary – Ensure communications between board members and committee members, report AGM minutes, document consent forms. required to attend all meetings of the board and disseminate findings to general membership when required.  To oversee website and social media postings, to communicate with the Ontario rep to RC.  To maintain and correlate all files and filing system. 

Director of Finance – (Otherwise known as the Treasurer) will be the Treasurer of the Corporation and will see that the proper accounting records as required by the Act are kept.  will ensure all monies received by the Corporation are deposited into the Corporation’s bank account, chair the audit committee, when requested will provide the Board with an account of financial transactions and the financial position of the Corporation, and will perform such other duties as may from time to time be established by the Board.

Paid Positions

As a not-for-profit organization we are always searching for funding to increase our visibility as a sport and to hire individuals to help in growing the sport of racquetball. As funding comes available here are roles that require specialty skills.

Executive Director – To perform day to day operations of the Association, keeping board of directors informed of all major occurrences, serve as the main point of contact for the association, conduct financial management of the association, maintain and develop the associations policies, procedures and manuals including annual review/update of all documents, Strategic plan and operational plans. Prepare and submit on time all documentation related to annual funding, financial assistance applications and grants.  Oversee the implementation of legislated requirements such as freedom of information and protection of privacy requirements ensure adherence to legal requirements for insurance coverage, and the political and legislative process related to election.  Provide administrative support to coaches, league director and tournament directors as needed.  Organize meetings of the Board of Directors, committees and other groups as required.  Promote the associations programming and increase racquetball literacy through various mediums.  research develop and lead volunteer programs and identify opportunities for volunteer.  Help to organize and coordinate recreational programs, junior programs, athlete, coaching and officiating clinics training camps and tournaments. When needed, facilitate the resolution of internal conflicts that may be adversely affecting the association or its mandate.

Fundraising Manager – To find funding to support racquetball Ontario’s operational plan and sport growth and awareness.  Will work closely with Program Manager and Executive Director/President.

Inflatable Court Program Coordinator – Organize and deliver the Inflatable court program across Ontario in schools, community centres and events.  Work with the club ambassadors and local coaches in helping to promote racquetball programs at their clubs.  

Team Ontario Junior Head Coach – To promote and develop Junior athletes to compete at National/International level.  Expected to travel to racquetball clubs across the Province, host clinics/events to enhance the junior athletes across the province and to attend tournaments across Ontario and National events.

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