Canada Wins Four Medals at World Junior Racquetball Championships

Winnipeg, November 12, 2018 - Canadian athletes are bringing home four medals from the 2018 International Racquetball Federation World Junior Championships held in San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

Juliette Parent of Saint-Jacques de Montcalm, QC and Cassie Prentice of Macrorie, SK won silver in the U16 Girl's Doubles event, defeating several strong teams along the way. To advance to the final, the team had a solid win in their semi-final against Mexico, winning 15-8, 15-12. Mexico is one of the dominant nations in the sport.

World Junior Racquetball Championships 2018

The Junior World Racquetball Championships for 2018 are on this weekend!!
November 3rd till the 10th.
They are being held in San Luis Potosi Mexico.
Good luck to all the young athletes that will be representing Canada at this event, and a special "Go Team Go" goes out to the athletes from Ontario...
For more information about this event check out the International Racquetball Federation website..http://www.internationalracquetball.com

The Racquetball Ontario calendar

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Remembering Larry

We lost a great guy and racquetball player this past week. Laurino 'Larry' Sturino passed away September 7. Larry played regularly on Wednesdays and Sundays at National in Oakville up until last year. Larry was a great guy on and off the court, and would join us for a beer at Monaghan's on many Wednesday evenings after a few games. Larry always spoke with real pride and love for his wife Barbara, their daughters Lisa and Sarah and four grandchildren. John U taped this pic and this notice up on court 3.

Fall and Spring Tournaments

Tournament News!

The GTA Open and Provincial Champs will offer both junior single bounce and double bounce divisions. Other events may also offer the same.

Fall 2018

GTA Open

October 12, 13 & 14

Singles, doubles, mixed doubles, junior singles and double bounce

Oakville National Fitness

The Charlie

November 9,10 & 11

Singles only, coed

Crescent Town

Durham Region Doubles

November 24, 25

Doubles, coed

Pickering Rec Complex, Pickering Rec Centre

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