Thank you John for your many years of Service

It is no secret that the pandemic took a heavy toll on amateur athletics across the country, and Ontario was not spared. However, instead of sitting idly by, Racquetball Ontario spent the time strengthening our position to help propel Racquetball forward out of the shutdowns.

We are now a recognized Provincial Sport Organization. We have received funding from the Canadian Tire Jumpstart Program, the Ontario Government, Coaches Association of Ontario, shared in funding from the Government of Canada and received additional funding from Racquetball Canada.

We have initiated several programs to support our members and the clubs including, to name a few, the Club Ambassador Program, Coach Mentorship Program, Coaching Clinic’s with summer student thanks to Provincial funding, and we are just starting up the Inflatable Court Program for schools and community events.

It is now on the heels of these successes that I have the honour to announce John Ursino’s retirement from the position of President. John has worked tirelessly as President of Racquetball Ontario for many, many, years and has served as an inspiration to all of the coaches, organizers, volunteers and players. Fortunately for South-Western Ontario is that John will continue his junior coaching and new player development.

This now falls on me to assume the position of President until our next Annual General Meeting. However, if you were in attendance at our last AGM, you may recall that my term as Vice President was over, but with the membership’s approval I agreed to stay on until the next AGM, so my term for Vice President will be over at the AGM as well as my partial term as President.

Members, this is critical! An organization cannot function without members willing to stand up and serve for the greater good. We have many positions that need to be filled by qualified candidates. We believe this sport and this organization has a great future, but cannot get there without you!

Our entire board has served and their terms are coming due by the next AGM, John certainly far exceeded his, President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. The positions and duties are on our website, please look them over, and please let us know if you wish to put your name forward to the membership at the next AGM. Rest assured that we will be there to guide you through the transition and at any time you reach out.

We have many sport growth and development positions posted on our website as well. Sponsorship Coordinator, Membership Coordinator, Inflatable court program Coordinator, Junior Head Coach, Program Manager, Tournament/event Coordinator, Funding Coordinator, Executive Director, Club Ambassadors, Inclusivity Equity Officer.

If you also believe in racquetball and are ready to stand up and help it move forward, please review the positions, feel free to ask questions, discuss with your court buddies, tap into your own or their great organizational skills and driving forces.

Daniel Puckett

Interim President, Racquetball Ontario