Racquetball is the sport everyone can play!

The Play Racquetball system is designed to increase participation in the sport by making it more visible and accessible to all age groups and skill levels.  Play Racquetball is designed to attract new participants by encouraging initial participation, and helping to foster a growing interest in racquetball.

Racquetball is a sport the whole family can enjoy. Regardless of your age, or athletic ability, it’s never too late to pick up the racquet and play.

Because Play Racquetball is designed to introduce as many people as possible to the sport. The lesson plans have been designed to meet the needs of various groups.

Lesson Plans

In this section you will find four sets of lesson plans. Each lesson plan, or set of lesson plans, has been designed specifically to suit specific age groups and events.

Be sure to use the appropriate Play Racquetball practice plans that meet your needs.

 Play Racquetball – Facility Event

Play Racquetball – Non-Facility Event

Play Racquetball – Lesson Plans Ages 7-10

Play Racquetball – Lesson Plans Ages 10-14

Let’s Play Racquetball Event & Promotional Resources

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Racquetball Canada Badge Program

The Racquetball Canada Skills Development Program (RSDP) is a 4 level program created by Racquetball Canada. The RSDP is aligned with Racquetball Canada’s Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model, and is aimed at the LTAD stages (1) FUNdamentals and (2) Learning to Train. A Racquetball Canada trained coach will administer the  RSDP with the goal of helping beginners execute basic skills, understand the rules and be able to referee as well as play safely on and off the court. The program is geared toward skill development and personal growth with no time limits on how long players spend at each RSDP level.


LEVEL 1 – IntroductionDrillsReport Cards

LEVEL 2 – IntroductionDrillsReport Cards

LEVEL 3 – IntroductionDrillsReport Cards

LEVEL 4 – IntroductionDrillsReport Cards