Coaching Course Free For RC Members

Hey everyone who is interested in coaching check out this link


Racquetball Canada is offering the NCCP course Making Ethical Decisions FREE for Racquetball Canada members.  This course is normally offered for $70 and sells out very quickly.  So if you are interested in Coaching this is a great opportunity.


We all know that Racquetball rules!! But do we know all the rules?

Coach John has offered to teach us all the rules...It is always good to know the rules of what ever you are participating in, that way you know your limits and also know where you are limitless!!

The rules clinic is meant for the kids, but I know there is a lot of adults out there that would really benefit with taking this clinic...So I'm going to say it "All Racquetball enthusiasts are welcome to participate"

COACHING MESSAGE - Mental Training

While we are unfortunately taking a forced break from the racquetball courts it does not mean that we have to stop training. We can take this time while off court to work on our mental game, research shows that visualization practice is just as important in pro athletes as physical practice.  Here is a racquetball visualization exercise from Coach John....

Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed....

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