She’s Got It All Campaign Highlights Importance of Change

Racquetball Canada is pleased to have had the opportunity to collaborate with Canadian Women & Sport on the “She’s Got It All” campaign that highlights the challenges women and girls face in the Canadian sport world compared to men and boys.

One-third of Canadian girls drop out of sport during adolescence, according to data from The Rally Report presented by Canadian Women & Sport. “She’s Got It All” calls on Canada’s sport community to understand and adapt to the barriers faced by women and girl athletes.

In the sport of Racquetball, girls tend to leave because of the lack of other girls to train with and compete against. Although Racquetball Canada has a close community across Canada, girls facing these challenges often feel like they don’t belong and lose their motivation even when they have a passion for competition.

“We are proud of this campaign and all the women and girls who represent Racquetball Canada,” said Jen Saunders, Racquetball Canada’s High Performance Director. “Overall we want everyone to understand that true gender equity in sport does not exist. We must continue to work towards it and open the doors for women and girls to play and compete in Racquetball.”

The “She’s Got it All” campaign demonstrates that while women and girls have what it takes to succeed in sport, including talent, drive and determination, they still have to overcome barriers that are typically not present for men. These barriers are not the fault of any one individual but exist because Canada’s current sport system is an environment built for and by men. These barriers are compounded for girls who experience additional discrimination because of their ethnicity, ability, socioeconomic status, gender, or sexual orientation

Canadian Women & Sport has a dedicated online portal with suggested actions for coaches, parents, administrators and allies to drive change at

Racquetball Canada is also working with Canadian Women & Sport on a Gender Equity Assessment to help identify areas of strength and opportunity within the organization that will bring about long-term improvement.

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Jan Hanson, Communications, Safe Sport & Diversity & Inclusion Director

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