Lima 2019 Pan Am Games Day 1 (August 2) Schedule & Results

Day 1 Wrap-Up – 2019 Lima Pan Am Games / Day 1 Wrap-Up – 2019 Lima Pan Am Games.

Team Canada had some great results today with a couple of exciting wins, but also with some close tough losses. It wasn’t an easy day for the team, with all matches going to tie-breakers.

This was the first of three days of the preliminary round. Results are used for seeding in the elimination round.
Maricruz Ortiz (CRC) defeated Jennifer Saunders (CAN), 15-8, 14-15, 11-8;
Samuel Murray (CAN) defeated Luis Pérez (DOM), 15-13, 13-15, 11-0;
Coby Iwaasa (CAN) defeated Charlie Pratt (USA), 14-15, 15-11, 11-9;
Angelica Barrios / Jenny Daza (CRC) defeated Frédérique Lambert (CAN), 15-13, 10-15, 11-6;
Rocky Carson / Charlie Pratt (USA) defeated Coby Iwaasa / Samuel Murray (CAN), 15-12, 10 – 15, 11-9.
We got a peek at the action with live Facebook streams from USA Racquetball and one from the Alberta Racquetball Association. USA Racquetball shut down their stream in the middle of the tie-breaker between Canada and the USA and it’s not clear if they were asked to do that or had to stop for other reasons. In the past, steaming was not allowed, due to broadcast rights. If there anyone is doing streaming tomorrow we will share it if we’re aware of it.
The team continues preliminary rounds tomorrow, with matches beginning at 10:00 am CT.