Canadian Championship Celebration Week

Description of the events of the celebration

From May 18th till the 23rd it is time to celebrate Racquetball in Canada.  Unfortunately we cannot host the Canadian Championships tournament in Racquetball due to the current outbreak, but that doesn't mean that we can't still connect together in a different way.

Racquetball Canada is inviting all of us to celebrate our sport via social media all next week. There is a different activity each day please get on facebook and join in on the festivity's.

Monday - "We are all team Canada" Kick-off!

Tuesday - Racquetball Trivia Night 6:00 PM Central Time

Wednesday - NCCP Make ethical Decisions Online Course (for anyone wanting to coach)

Thursday - Join Jennifer Saunders and Guests as they discuss training, competition tips and Canada's great sporting moments

Saturday - Epic sporting moments.....

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