We all know that Racquetball rules!! But do we know all the rules?

Coach John has offered to teach us all the rules...It is always good to know the rules of what ever you are participating in, that way you know your limits and also know where you are limitless!!

The rules clinic is meant for the kids, but I know there is a lot of adults out there that would really benefit with taking this clinic...So I'm going to say it "All Racquetball enthusiasts are welcome to participate"

It will be set up as a video conference workshop, and participants will need to print a copy of the rules (from this site click on Playing and then Rules for players) so they can follow along.  The clinic has 2 parts; Part A will be the video conference and Part B is an online open rule book review which participants can complete on the Racquetball Canada website.

Please let Coach John know if you would like to participate ASAP so he can organize the date and time via email...john.ursino@racquetballontario.ca

Date is to be finalized but it is looking to be in the week of April 20th

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