National Fitness closed????

Hey, I just heard today that National Fitness Closed in Oakville? I checked on Google and it said it's permanently closed. Dos anyone know? If that's so, will those playing there come over to River Oaks then. You are welcome to come!!! It will help boost our numbers if you do!


I know that there were comments about some going to Cedar Springs in Burlington. I, personally, have never heard of River Oaks. But, that is likely because I'm in Cambridge. I see that it is listed on the map of court locations.

How can we, as Racquetball Ontario, help grow racquetball at River Oaks? Clinics? Club Tournaments? Lessons? Leagues?

I always thought that maybe the two facilities (National and River Oaks) so close to each other was one of the reasons that perhaps River Oaks hasn't got much traction in the past. There are two courts at River Oaks- they are pretty good too. I think clinics and lessons would be a big start. I'm from Mississauga and when the one court in Meadowvale closed, I took some time away from racquetball and eventually returned to it when I found these courts in Oakville. These are city run courts. Reasonable price. I think lessons and clinics would be ideal to help grow River Oaks. Anything that I could help with?


Challenge is the drive. During Sunday AM it is easy enough, but for Wednesday and Friday play the traffic can be a b*. I'll give it a while out there, the facilities are top notch.


This is one advantage of a YMCA membership. During the week, I tend to play in Cambridge as it is about 5 minutes from my house and then I play Kitchener on Saturday mornings where it is about 20 minutes away without traffic.

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