Racquetball Canada did a complete refresh of their website moving it to a new domain, https://racquetballcanada.ca/ and the rankings are now located at http://rankings.racquetballcanada.ca/.

Not sure if it can be done with the way it is setup, but it would be nice to have a link in this site's menu that points to the rankings on the national site with it preset to filter Ontario only. Even if it can't it would be nice to have an official link added anyway.



Hi Luke, I smacked together a hack.  It is terrible, but getting better.  R/C site does not have a real https: certificate yet, so I cannot include their unsecured pages in our https site.  That's the rules man, can't mix and match.

So..  I wrote a cron to curl / wget their index page, and the query all player stats into some local to our site files.  then wrote a quick php file to intercept the pop up query args and load from our site.  Then stripped off the menu'ing from the top of the index page.

Later I'll go in and modify the css file to match our blue rather tan the red.  Had a side to side jitter within the frame, so need to fix that too.  



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