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Hi Racquetball Players,


If you are thinking ‘I don’t play in tournaments - this doesn’t apply to me’, please keep reading.

To avoid reading this whole email, just click here and sign up for your membership


This is the official launch of our Racquetball Ontario membership registration system. I know some of you have received some of the ‘soft launch’ emails announcing our new Trackie® Membership sign-up system, sorry to hound you – Thank you if you have already signed up.


This membership drive and system is a real shift from the way that we have previously ran our Ontario memberships. In previous years we signed up members as part of our Provincial tournament. Play in the tournament, and bang, you were a member. If you didn’t play in it, you weren’t.


This change is in a big part due to changes at Sport Canada but also this online system was specifically asked for by members during the Q/A of our AGMs. Sport Canada has a fixed amount of funds to distribute to sport organizations in Canada. It is also true that more and more sport organizations are seeking funding. As such Sport Canada is streamlining their reporting and eligibility processes. If Racquetball Canada and Racquetball Ontario are to maintain a meaningful level of funding, then we need to be able to demonstrate the level of interest we have in the game. That means memberships! I also suggest that we should prepare for the very real eventuality that public funding of racquetball will be reduced, perhaps significantly, in the next few fiscal cycles.


Why should you sign up?

  • Signing up counts you as a player in Ontario at your home club in our report to Sport Canada.
  • Provides you with insurance when you play a Racquetball Ontario sanctioned event.
  • Augment the funds that we get from Sport Canada to support our Juniors programs. No Juniors, no future players.
  • Helps us pay for insurance for R/O board D&O insurance.
  • Helps us pay for other operating costs, although we run a very tight ship, we still have costs.
  • If you want a Racquetball Ontario GSuite account, you can have that too - gives 30G of cloud storage too! (see below).
  • Because we are asking. The board is all volunteer - we do this because we love the game, and we need your help by signing up and supporting our efforts.


And it’s real easy.


It’s even pretty cheap.

  • Juniors Tournament or recreational players 18 and younger $3.
  • Adults 19 and older Tournament Players $20.
  • Adults 19 and older Recreational Players $15.


The membership you sign up for today will run through the end of August 2020. So yes, those early birds get the best value!


Google GSuite information: We haven’t automated the GSuite process yet, but if you want it - after signup shoot me an email and I will set you up. You can have a package under (the name is obviously first serve). This is a $7.80/month value (that’s $93.60/year) and includes 30GB of online storage space and cloud productivity apps. Email, Video and voice conferencing, Secure Team Messaging, Shared Calendars, Google Documents, Spreadsheets and Presentations.


Daniel Puckett

Vice President, Racquetball Ontario


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