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Members can now sign up for the Racquetball Ontario membership online.

Working with and Racquetball Canada, we have created several membership categories to best serve the sport and our members.

We have a competitive membership for those that enter tournaments and with it will be insurance coverage under Racquetball Canada's player policy. The price for adults 19 and over is $20 annually but the price for youths is a heavily discounted $3 annually. Yes! Heavily discounted. At Racquetball Ontario we have a strong desire to remove barriers to Juniors entering the game and $3 was the lowest price we could put together and get the insurance coverage that we need for players when they play in a tournament.

We also created a Recreational Membership for players that don't enter tournaments. We have a lot of such 'strictly for fun players' in Ontario that play every week and they recognize that the only way we can have new players is to have a fully funded Juniors program. This new Recreational membership is $15 annually.

I encourage everyone that I play with on Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays and some holiday Mondays to sign up! Bob, you know I'm talking to you.

Please have a look at the new page, it's in the menu above [Hanging Out Here] -> Membership

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