Where to get racquets restrung

Hey everyone. Where do you get your strings for your racquet? I take my racquet in for restringing. No problem- they are all willing to restring. BUT none of them carry racquetball string-they want to use tennis or squash string. I am not comfortable with this- I wouldn't string my tennis racquet with squash strings let say. Any thoughts or help? I live in Mississauga. Where/how do people get their string? I did get Ektelon string from Amazon a few years back but it seems to be discontinued.

Thoughts? Help? Guidance? Any clubs out there that sell string?


I have a similar question, but I have some great strings, but I break racquets.  Does someone out there re-frame strings?


John Ursino is my go-to guy for stringing racquets.  Email John through the Board Page, he'll fix you up.




I have been stringing for 12 years and do 98% racquetball. I carry E-Force both multi and mono filament strings. if you have your own string i can install that for you as well. Tension will be customized to your game style and preference. Other racquet services I offer are balance point matching, weight matching, custom grip sizing, increase head heavy, handle heavy or total racquet weight, and re-griping using wrap or rubber gripping material. typical turn around is about a week.

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