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I've done an insane amount of work on the site for the last several weeks, as some of you might had noticed, our site was overrun with hundreds of bogus users and their thousands and thousands of postings for pirate movies, software, music, drugs and whatnots.

I cleared out all of the unwanted content, for the most part all manually and painfully. Their was about 15 GB of crap in the database on a virtual machine with only a GB of ram, meant hours of disk swapping and cache dumps for each set of deletes,

I have taken steps to prevent this in the future.

Accounts need to be approved by me until I can tie the account creation to some other validation method, rather than relying on simply a valid email address. The bogus accounts all had valid email addresses.

I upgraded the server to Ubuntu 18.4, although 16.4 is still a great OS. Installed an SSL certificate and force all connections to https://. Tightened up the permissions on the site, and did a security review on all of the GSuite accounts.

But there's more! I also cleaned up some real links and content. The calendar for tournaments is now loading from GSuite, as is the player rules, guide for ref and the member application. This makes it much cleaner to maintain. I can give any rights to maintain that calendar and the entires will show up here in seconds.

For those unaware, we have 10,000 free seats on Google's GSuite as Gives you email, calendar, drive(30 GB), online docs. I will write a separate post about it.

Back to the site.. You should sign up so you can comment about stuff like this, or why there are too many lets.

If you see any website bugs or something we need, comment here and I will do my best to resolve, add, week, etc.


Thanks Tammy, appreciate the note.

Michael A experienced a stupid bug in the Drupal slideshow code where sometime when you hit {home}, the slideshow disappears. (At least that's the one I thought he got). The bug is caused by a relative path in the code. I think I successfully patches it and it renders fine in Firefox now, but others may still see it till the cache expires. Maybe.


Kudos for a good job. As I mentioned in my email to you, people tend not to appreciate how much work goes into web administration.


Was thinking about Luke's suggesting to me regarding approval of logins.  So I created a new role 'Trusted User'.  That new role can do all of the things that an 'Authenticated User' could do and I promoted all valid users to that new role.  The 'Authenticated User' can now only post comments against existing forum items.  Those comments need to be then approved.  Once we see that a User is not a knob, we can promote to 'Trusted User'.  


The infamous lost image bug of the homepage slideshow resurfaced. I just patches the bug with an effective and simple path hack.

grep -rA 1 Daniel\ Hack *
templates/page.html.twig: <!-- 20180917 Daniel Hack inserted the '/'-->
templates/page.html.twig- <img src="/{{ file.uri }}" width="100%" height="100%" alt="{{ }}"/>

Your own cache may have the bad path, but otherwise should be cured.

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