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Calling all Female racquetball players, enthusiasts, coaches and or mothers of racquetball players.  We are starting up a women’s support group with the purpose of bringing women together to share ideas, support and educate each other in the growth and advancement of women in the sport of racquetball. All Ontario women are welcome with an interest in racquetball.  The first night is scheduled for Monday June 21st, 2021 at 7:00pm via ZOOM, so no need to leave your house. Please click here to sign up, if you missed this date please contact us to join the next evening.



This is an excellent idea.

One thought is a women's only event, hosted by the men who run the event table and do all the refereeing (of course women would be permitted, if they wanted). Perhaps a few teenage juniors could take on the role of helping with distracting younger children for any mothers.

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