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The Racquetball Ontario Board Of Directors is comprised of a group of volunteers that are passionate about the sport of racquetball and are dedicated to see it grow and flourish. Racquetball Ontario is an organization ran by racquetball players on behalf of racquetball players. That being said the more racquetball players that are involved in the operation of the organization the better it will be, so if you have a desire to help grow the game of racquetball in Ontario please contact a member of the board below. 

Please note that Racquetball Ontario's Annual General Meeting was to be held April 4 2020 with a buffet dinner at Racquetball Ontario's Provincial Championships Tournament held at Cedar Springs Health Racquet and Sportclub, but this has been postponed.  We do not have a date yet, as it will depend on Ontario's success with reducing the incidence rate of COVID-19.

We thank Cedar Springs, Recovery Force, Digital Ocean and Google G Suite for their continued support of Racquetball Ontario. And a special thanks to our newest sponsor, METADOT - makers of Mojo Helpdesk!




For information on Racquetball Ontario, clubs, tournaments, coaching, playing, sponsoring and volunteering, please contact us.


President | John Ursino | john [dot] ursino [at]


Vice President | Daniel Puckett | daniel [dot] puckett [at]


Director-Secretary | Tammy Gray | tammy [dot] gray [at]


Treasurer | Susan Philips | susan [dot] philips [at] 


Provincial rep to Racquetball Canada | Adrian Webb


Director of Officiating & Ranking | Terry Nelson


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